About Us

Beshioni is an online boutique that specializes in a mixture of styles for the queen that demands to be stylish throughout her day! We offer quality, trendy and affordable pieces that you can dress up or down. We have the needed attire to fit any situation, whether you’re on the go, headed to happy hour, an elegant setting, or just needing to step out fly, we have you covered!

  • Who Is Beshioni?

Meaning: Beshioni - An African name that means “Born On Higher Grounds, Royal/Royalty”

“To be born Royal, To be born King/Queen”

Beshioni was founded by Jyasemyne B from Chicago IL, Known for her unique style and fashionista ways. Beshioni officially launched in April 2018. Growing up Jyas was always tall and now she’s 5’11. She struggled with finding long, tall girl friendly bottoms, so she wanted to be sure not to leave the tall curvy women out. Also wanting all women to feel confident, sexy, stylish and chic effortlessly. Jyasemyne personally shop for Beshioni to make sure her customers stand out above the rest.